Below are two of my podcasts. Each one focuses on growth, love, and life.
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This podcast is about the discovery of our actions and exploration of the idea of love and ego. When we operate from love, we hold the best interests for ourselves and then others. When we operate from ego, it’s all about our needs and desires and nothing or no one else. 
We spend our lives seeking to be loved and to love without reservations. Each and every episode focuses on that very question we all wish to answer. 
Is this love or ego?
Your host  takes you into deep and maybe uncomfortable conversations about love and ego. 
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True Lessons

This is a podcast for anyone in search of that light bulb moment. Feeling lost, confused, or experiencing a transition in your life? Tune in every Wednesday for some inspiration and clarity! Your host, Lilly Jeanette, discusses controversial topics, life's struggles with mental health and trauma, and everything in between parenting, depression, faith, and love.
 Amazing guests star in several episodes.  Catch up on the past seasons now. 

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